Marshalswick Baptist Free Church


Marshalswick Baptist Free Church Covid19 Policy

15th March 2020

In the light of the current COVID 19 Pandemic the Leadership Team of the church have adopted the following policy until further notice:

We recognise the dangers of the virus particularly to those in at risk groups and ask everyone to think of their own and other’s well being before embarking on church activities

Everyone is encouraged to follow the recommended hygiene precautions before and during church activities

We shall attempt to provide relevant hygiene equipment in the building as far as is possible

Door handles/ light switches and surfaces will be cleaned each day 

Hirers are asked to clean surfaces they are likely to use before each session

Church Services and Activities will continue until such time as government instruction or guide lines deem otherwise or until any particular group decides to suspend it’s activities

Special steps will be taken to avoid a common loaf at communion and the use of offering bags in services.

We will monitor as far as possible those who are unable to attend worship and follow up with phone calls and where required offer practical help

Members of the church family are asked to let the minister or church secretary know of any cases of illness that occur or instances of self isolation

In the event of hirers having to close activities, sympathetic consideration will be given to credit being given on prepaid rentals

We will pray about the issues around the outbreak regularly

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