Marshalswick Baptist Free Church

How do I...

Send pictures or slides to the church computer for display on the screens?

Slides should be in powerpoint format. We can also support formats that load into Google slides. Please make sure your font is big enough to read on the screens -  the hymns are typically font size 50+. Also try to keep slides uncluttered.

To get pictures or slides to the audio desk laptop either email them to us or bring files on a USB stick (preferably virus free!)

Get on the Church WiFi?

Ask Kirsty for the guest password. 

Print a document on the photocopier?

Ask Kirsty to put your device on the photocopier network or email the items to the church pc. If you need assistance to print from the pc one of the visual operators will be pleased to help.

Get a copy of today's service?

If you want the sermon only it will appear on the website podcast pages and can be listened to via the web browser or downloaded. Our aim is to have it available within one week.

If you want a CD of the whole service please ask the audio technician as soon as the service ends when the master disc is available for copying. Please collect your CD from the audio desk. Queries later than that should go to Kirsty.

Use the audio desk

Ask Kirsty before you touch anything. Never alter any of the set levels on the mixer or equaliser ever. I know the knobs are tempting but if you don't know what they do then don't turn them. Only connect a condenser microphone if you have turned the phantom power off or you may get an electric shock. 

If you have any other questions please email them and I'll reply and add them to our FAQ list.