Marshalswick Baptist Free Church

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Welcome to our message board. If you want to leave a message to the rest of our Church Family please fill in the form and it will be posted here. Please send any words of encouragement, prayers or suggested bible readings to keep us all together while we can't meet in person. I'll post your messages daily.


Name: Helen
Date 6 April 2020

Message: This video from Cornerstone City Church was shared in our small group and it's so helpful and encouraging that I wanted to share it. Keep safe and keep praying.

Name: Kirsty
Date: 31 March 2020

Message: The Baptist Union are live streaming a time of prayer every Wednesday and Sunday evening at 7pm. Previous prayer broadcasts can be found on their website.

Name: Jonathan
Date: 29 March 2020
Message: Thank you to Graham, Julia and Kirsty for preparing, recording and uploading the podcast of this morning's church service.
It is very encouraging to think that despite the restrictions we can still meet up as a family in a 'virtual' church.
Thank you for the words of encouragement.
God bless,

Name: Jo
Date: 28th March
Message: Thanks to Kirsty and all the tech team who are helping us all keep in contact. Thanks to Graham and Julia for their tireless work delivering letters , flowers and podcasts. We wish we could see you in person to thank you but know that we appreciate you all so much.
Thanks to Geoff for getting our small group zooming. Very exciting for oldies like me!
Take care everyone and God bless you as we near towards Easter, not as normal but each Easter is special as we remember what Christ did for each one of us Much love to you all x

Name: Peter
Message: Hi-Need an activity for today?
We've posted a bunch of Bible worksheets on the website:
There's a worksheet for each and every Book in the Bible.
I'm encouraging my kids to do one each day while we are stuck at home staying safe from COVID-19. Enjoy! Mary-Kate