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Messy Church

What is Messy Church?

Messy Church events happen across the world. They are a fun way for families to meet and participate in 'messy' activities with a Christian theme. See the official Messy Church website for more information.

easter egg craft             Noah's ark

What happens at MBFC? 

 At MBFC we hold Messy Church events throughout. We meet for a family breakfast on our Saturday morning sessions. This is followed by about an hour of craft activities and games. We then break for a snack and drinks and conclude with a short child-friendly period of worship.

Each Messy Church event has a theme; previous Messy Churches have featured the story of Moses, the parable of the wise man, Christmas, Jesus the Saviour and the journeys of Paul. To view photos of our Harvest Messy Church click here.

Mural painted at Easter Messy Church 2016

Easter Mural painted at Messy Church 2016

Next Messy Church

Keep an eye on our Messy Church page to find out when and what we are doing. If you want to see more of our crafts visit our blog, Messy Church @ Marshalswick Baptist.

Other Messy Activities

We are growing our family friendly activities. We now have a Messy Shrove Tuesday pancake night with Messy crafts for kids. Our Light Parties on Halloween are also popular and provide and alternative celebration for those who don't want to trick or treat, or have children who find Halloween a little frightening. Join our Messy Church mailing list if you want to find out more, or follow us on Facebook.

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