Marshalswick Baptist Free Church

Protocol for safe worship during the COVID pandemic

9th September 2020 

Revised Entrance Procudure

Due to the building works the arrangements for entering church services have been revised and we will now enter through the rear doors. Full details can be found in Message from the Manse 24.

15th July 2020 

We look forward to welcoming you back to church from Sunday 19th July 2020. The following guidelines are taken from our Message from the Manse, number 19. 

We are excited to welcome you back to MBFC for morning services from 19th July.

Our desire is that we will be able to enjoy worshipping God and sharing in fellowship together as safely as we can. Therefore, we need to do things slightly differently to our normal customs in order to comply with current Government guidelines on safety and social distancing. 

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to offer the minibus service, creche facilities or Sunday Club at the moment.

Please do not attend the church if you are shielding or experiencing a high temperature, a new continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, but seek a Covid 19 Test.

Please follow these guidelines. Welcomers will be on duty to assist you and answer any questions.

COMING IN Entry will be one way through the Front Door and the main glass doors in the vestibule. The vestibule side doors will be closed and out of use.  If you wish to leave the building before or during the service, you must do so through the car park exit and re enter through the main doors

 We ask that you adhere to social distancing and follow the directional signage

Disabled access will be as normal through the car park.

The Car Park will be closed except for those with mobility issues

In order to assist with the NHS Test and Trace it will be necessary to record the name and contact details for everyone who attends the church service

You will be asked to use the hand sanitizer as you enter the building. 

No hymn books or Bibles will be available.  Readings and other words may be on the screens. If you wish to use a Bible, please bring your own or take a church copy and keep it for your personal use

SEATING The current guidance specifies that people from different household groups should either stay 2m apart or '1m plus mitigations'- eg wearing a face covering. (Your 'support bubble' counts as one household). Feel free to wear a face covering for your own and other’s protection

Please sit with others only if they are part of your household or support bubble

Sit at least two chairs apart from all other people.  Only Alternate rows will be used. 

TOILETS Access to the toilets will be limited to essential use only. If you have to use them, please note that the rear corridors will operate a one-way system. Please enter the corridor from the car park side. The Gents toilet will be closed and the Gents will use the accessible toilet and exit by turning left and out the car park door.

Ladies toilet. Only one person at a time will be able to use the toilets. This will be controlled via an ‘Engaged / Vacant‘ sign on the toilet entrance door. Turn right on exiting and follow signs back into the church or out to the car park. 

Please use the hand sanitiser BEFORE ENTERING AND LEAVING the toilet 

WATER Please bring your own supply of drinking water. (The kitchen will be closed and is not to be used).

 THE SERVICE will be much shorter than before. (30-40 minutes) It will not be possible to sing or have prayers responses spoken out loud  by the congregation.

The Collection will not be taken during the service. A collection plate will be located just inside the worship area for use as you enter.  If possible, please use electronic banking or write a cheque to support God’s work at MBFC. Please speak to Jo Skelton for more info.

AT THE END OF THE SERVICE   Please do not linger in the worship area. (Currently we are unable to serve refreshments) 

Leave by the main double doors  

Anyone wishing to re-enter the church at this time will need to use the rear door.

For safe fellowship, please convene in the church car park, observing the guidelines for social distancing. For this reason, the church car park will remain closed to all vehicles except people requiring disabled access

Remember the social distancing rules of having no more than 6 people from different households in a group and keep 2 Metres apart.

 Although these guidelines may seem onerous and strange, they do allow us to meet together to worship in safety and confidence.   As regulations change so too will our practices. 

Thank You for your cooperation!